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Timexam is a program for personal time tracking. It?s absolutely indispensable if you want to control the time you spend and enhance the productivity and efficiency of all your actions. The program is easy-to-use and effective, so you won?t have to waste time to learn how to work with it. At the same time, it won?t let you forget about time-tracking and will provide convenient reports about the time you?ve spent. The program is an implementation of the following ideas: 1. Complete control over the process ? it?s the user who decides what he or she is doing at the moment, not the program. Besides, the user can easily make changes and corrections to any data the program has gathered. 2. One of the main problems of time-tracking is that you always forget to register the beginning of a new task or the fact that you have switched to some other activity. That?s why the data the program collects doesn?t reflect the actual situation. Nevertheless, data acquisition requires a lot of efforts, even if the data is incorrect, so the program simply ?ploughs the sands?. That is why one of the main purposes of the program is to help avoid such drawbacks, and in case they occur, get rid of their consequences. Therefore, the key features of the program are: 1. if the time tracking has been inactive for a long time, the program shows a reminder (this feature can be disabled); 2. if the computer was inactive during time tracking, the user will be offered to decide what to do with this ?idle? period ? to reckon it in the current task, ignore it or give to some other task; 3. if you forget to switch from one task to another when you change activity, a specific menu item (Rollback Current Task) will help you correct the situation.

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